Tree Services Bedford UK

Tree service refers to the different types of tree management techniques that are used to protect trees. These services encompass various aspects, from removing some areas of trees to increasing growth in some others. Tree Services Bedford UK has enormous experience in providing all types of services to potential clients. With the highly trained staff and quality equipment, tree services Bedford UK can handle any challenges that the customers need. Tree services Bedford UK is an expert in the following tree service management practices:


Pruning is the horticultural procedure of removing specific parts of a plant for example plant roots, branches or buds. It is one of the most crucial practices in the tree service industry. Tree Services Bedford UK does pruning for several reasons including:

• To improve plant health and strength.
• To protect the property of individuals and people themselves from the danger of falling branches that are overwhelmed by their weight.
• To improve the scenery by changing the appearance of the plants pruned.


Pollarding, as a practice, goes as far back as ancient Rome and there have been records of its use in the medieval times as well. The term pollarding refers to a type of tree pruning where the head branches are cut off to maintain the height of the tree at a certain point. Tree services Bedford UK provides this service both to individual clients and city councils when trees grow too large for the location they occupy.

Hedge Maintenance

To trim and maintain the appearance of fences is time-consuming work and can often be very frustrating. However, no one likes the look of an unkempt hedge right next to their yard as it does not portray the right image. Tree service Bedford UK takes this problem out of customer’s hands by providing exceptional hedge maintenance and trimming services. This is because tree service Bedford UK takes into
consideration the following factors that “do it yourself” home owners might not consider.

1. Right Time to cut the hedge
The optimum time to trim hedges is in spring time, right before the hedges begin to sprout. Tree
service Bedford UK has expert staff that understands the importance of timing.
2. Not allowing enough sunlight to penetrate

It is important to ensure that hand pruning is done after shearing the top branches to have a hedge that is strong. Hand pruning allows sunlight to penetrate into the hedge thus encouraging the growth of the hedge interior.